3D Printing

Our machines:

     UItimaker 2        Stratasys Fortus 380mc


The Process:

First, you need to be trained on 3D printing in ProtoWorks, regardless of previous experience with 3D printing.
To print:
  • Create an .stl file
  • Schedule your print in the "MIT ProtoWorks 3D Printing" google calendar.  You will be added after you undergo training.
  • Depending on the machine you will be using:
    • Ultimaker (desktop 3D printer): Setup in Cura, put the file on our SD card, then print at the time of your google calendar schedule.  
    • Stratasys Fortus 380mc: Email protoworks@mit.edu with the file, color preference or flexibility, and timeline of your need.  A Guardian will get back to you with when the part can be made.
      • ​Machine use is charged at a rate per cubic inch of both model and support material.


Cool Example Projects:

Check back soon for some example projects with files and steps to get you started.