Laser Cutting

The machine:

Epilog Fusion 120W

The Process:

First, you need to be trained on laser cutting in ProtoWorks, regardless of previous experience with laser cutting.

To Print:

  • Create an 2D file to be printed 
    • Use an existing file: go to a repository such as Thingiverse or GrabCAD and find a file to print. 
    • Create your own: Corel or Adobe Illustrator
  • Use of the machine requires both training and oversight by a Guardian on duty.  Sign up for training to learn more.
  • Set up the machine for the material you will be cutting / engraving.  
    • There are STRICT limitations on the materials that can be used, so users are required to provide receipts of any materials brought in to ensure safety.​
    • There are some presets of material types and thicknesses.  Otherwise, refer to the manual to lookup the proper vector and raster settings.

Cool Example Projects:

Check back soon for some example projects with files and steps to get you started.