Protoworks is run by students and a few dedicated members at the Martin Trust Center. Please refer to the following FAQ’s for your questions as we are not able to monitor all requests.


I can’t make my training anymore. How do I cancel? Can I just email Protoworks?

  • No, you need to cancel directly through the Eventbrite linked you signed up with. Only sending us an email with your cancellation will still count as an absence. Cancelling through Eventbrite enables other students to sign up for your spot.  You MUST cancel with at least 24 hours notice, otherwise you will still be considered a no-show and not be allowed to sign up for trainings for 2 months.

When are trainings for the new semester posted?

  • We need time to make sure the shop is in order for you to use so trainings are usually posted after the first week of classes. Please check in at protoworks.mit.edu for the latest training schedules.

I want to attend a training but the posted times don't work for me.  What do I do?

  • We will add more times in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned! 

When is Protoworks open?

  • We aim to be open from 12PM-8PM, Monday through Friday. Openings during holidays are generally decided a few days in advance and depend on the schedule of our Guardians.  Check Mobius (download it here) for the most current opening hours.

Can I transfer trainings from other makerspaces (i.e. Makerworks) over to Protoworks? 

  • No, you have to attend a General Orientation and be trained on the specific Protoworks machines you would like to use.  

Does Protoworks have an email list? How do I get added?

Are Protoworks trainings open to the public?

  • No, they are not open to the public. Protoworks is only accessible to current MIT students.

How do I know if a training is cancelled?

  • We will email all attendees if a training needs to be cancelled.

How can I get something printed on the Fortus 3D printer (the large printer)?

  • You must first be 3D printer trained in the space.  Then email your .stl file to protoworks@mit.edu with any designations of numbers of each part within the file names (example: partx3.stl) and preferences of timing if needed.  ProtoWorks staff will get back to you with a quote, which includes the cost per cubic inch of material, plus a surcharge for any specificities you might include.  Please note that we have a minimum charge of $50 for any jobs done on this machine.