One of your top resources: The Guardians!

Reminder of the General Orientation slide deck.

New to making?  Check out these resources to get started:

3D Printing

Laser Cutting

Bench Tools

Electronics / Soldering

Other Mill

Vacuum Forming


Want to put your new skills to work, but don't have an idea yet?  Make something for the Martin Trust Center!  There are tons of things we would love to have, but haven't had the time to implement.  Choose from the below or suggest your own, and let Tommy Long know what you're working on.

  • Dishwasher magnets - laser / acrylic
  • Coasters for the kitchen - laser / felt or wood
  • Cushions for metal chairs - sewing
  • People counter (how many people enter the Trust Center)
  • Alert when food is low
  • Tracker where people are within the Trust Center
  • Measures decibel levels and indicates sound levels through lights
  • Community phone chargers