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ProtoWorks is a space at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship where students are able to explore and experiment on their entrepreneurial ideas through initial physical prototyping.

ProtoWorks builds and supports community across MIT by bridging entrepreneurship and innovation, and accelerates learning via experimentation.


Who Can Use:  Currently registered MIT students working on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Location: E40-160 - Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

Hours:  Monday - Friday 12pm - 8pm (Summer hours may vary. Check the Mobius app for details.)

You may always check to see if we are open on the Mobius app.  Download it here.

How to Access:  See Training


Students can do basic prototyping and design, component assembly, and more-detailed prototyping. Tools include:

  • tools for working with clay and foam,
  • basic mechanical hand tools, a drill press and band saw,
  • soldering irons, electronics components such as breadboards, Arduinos, etc.,
  • a laser cutter, which requires additional training and may only be used when the space is supervised (must be scheduled in the near term), and
  • two premium desktop 3D printers and the Stratasys standing 3D printer.  3D printing requires an additional training to be used, regardless of your experience with other 3D printers.  Use of the Stratasys will require submitting your part and requirements to our system to be printed.  All usage must be scheduled in our 3D printer google calendar.


Mostly free to use, with a charge for the Stratasys 3D printer (per cubic inch) and for Arduinos and similar electronics.