Sign up for our December 11 Ornament making workshop here!

ProtoWorks holds regular workshops and making competitions, where you will be able to make some cool things with the guidance of our Guardians. New workshops and competitions will be announced soon; stay tuned.

Please note: these are for people who have already been trained to be users in ProtoWorks ONLY.  You must be trained both as a user (general orientation) and in the specific machine being used.  See our training schedule and sign up now to ensure you are a member prior to these events.

Making Competitions:

Protoworks often holds competitions focused around the use of one class of machines or tools (such as bench and hand tools, laser cutters or 3D printers). We provide the materials, you explore and make. You must be trained in the relevant machine in order to participate. 

Winners of each competition will receive a Maker Trophy and a prize that will delight your maker soul.


We also host workshops in which you will get to work on a predefined project. Check back soon for the schedule for upcoming workshops for academic year 2017-2018. Meanwhile, check out some previous workshops we have run in the past.

Arduino - photoresistor based security alarm

Paper Circuits - make a card or poster with lights

Laser Cut Door Hangers


Jewelry - Laser Cut and 3D Printed 


Laser Cut Coasters